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Products for Marine Craft


Value Added Services

Our products have been developed to meet customer's requirements of quality, reliability, and standardization. Our systems are engineered to decrease installation labor and maintenance regiments as well as ease operation by the end user. We encourage you to contact us with your questions or requirements for industrial controls. Custom products and basic design assistance provided.


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Sonoma Circuits, Inc.
Power Up Products, Inc.
82 Hardy Drive
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: 775-336-2400
Fax: 775-336-2404




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             Sales: Toll Free 1-800-769-3749

             E-mail: Orders@powerup.com
             Service and Support:

           Phone: 1-775-336-2400

           Fax: 1-775-336-2404

           E-mail: Support@powerup.com

            Address: Power Up Products
                        82 Hardy Drive
                        Sparks, NV 89431




Products for the Tow Industry